Diary 1 : Movie & Post Modern

Dear Diary,

Its been really long time since the last time i wrote this blog. Yah all those new social media, you know, twitter, facebook, path, instagram.. they re made to make people able to tell story in short and easy way. And to be honest, i do enjoy those too. it offers interesting user interface and its each selling point, each of them is made to connect people and makes what you think easier to be expressed and to be heard by other. But i do miss you diary, i miss writing here. I just find this difficulties to write and to express what am i thinking and feeling in a proper way i think, because i just get used to express it with picture and short words or sentence. when it comes to you, i loss my idea, i cant arrange whats inside my brain into a proper writing.

so, let me begin with what is going around me lately. now, im living in jakarta, i get up at 6 every day, go to work at 7, and going home at 7 pm, it will be better if i can go home at 5 as scheduled but, ya you know, jakarta is filled with people, and this amount of people, when they wanna move without the support of really good infrastructure or transport facility, “macet” or traffic jam will always happen. to avoid it, some of you will choose to leave your office earlier than other people or later than other people, hoping you can get smooth traffic., i am the one who choose to leave office later, not to be said as an model employer, but to download some good movies… nah so why i have to download some good movies., well, movie is one of many thing that could give your head some refreshment from you everyday routine, (for you who call it a routine). Comedy movie can help you laugh when you can get it from your office (hahah 😦 ). And it also help me laugh although too, at late night when all you can get from television is just bad news or post-modern tv program. Nah, talking about post-modern tivi program. I remember my lecturer from jurusan seri rupa dan desain (art major), he is mr yan yan sunarya. first white and chubby lecturer which i saw posing (sleeping position) on the table in front of the class, to show how learning and teaching process is done in his class. You may sleep, you may leave, but you should respect the lecturer and other student by not disturbing the entire class. Post modern art according to him is a kind of art that break the conservative art, it use unusual ways, unusual media, and unusual expression. nah i found this on tv shows recently, non sense show where people just joking with other like without any format. hahah, maybe you know what i mean here. another example of post modern will be from movie ideocrazy, in the future, people can laugh, smile, sad, or even cry, when the cinema display picture of butt.,

OK, i think its time for me to go home now. i ll comeback with something better than this soon. :).

*sorry for my bad english, hope it doesnt hurt your brain.


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