Pluto is manga series released from 2003 to 2009 by Naoki Urasawa . It is adaptation from Astro Boy By Ozamu Tezuka. This adaptation starring gesitch, Europol robot police as Detective that solve robot and human murder case. The Story begin with murder case of human, followed by robot. The murderer left the crime scene with horn sign formed in the head of the victim, or placed anywhere near the crime scene. After the second murder it is appeared that the next target will be all sophisticated robot (with mass destruction weapon) that is exist in that time. Those robot are gesitch itself, mont blank (murdered first) , north no 2 (murdered second), brando, heracles, epsilon, and atom. Along with the gesicth investigation, he found that all the robot is evolving, some of them experience “human feeling”, they feel sad and hatred, they feel love. The investigation continue with other sophisticated robot, Atom (Astro Boy Main character), involved. Soon they complete the puzzle one by one and discover that behind the murder lies terrible plan to destroy the earth.

Pluto Manga

This manga offers us nice story about human and robot. That the robot feel hatred as well, a kind feelings that actually belong only to human, not to robot. The message is that nothing can be born from hatred. And although it seems impossible, there is always a hope that the world will be filled with peace.

This completed manga is written in 8 episode, which you can finish in a day / a night. You can read it manga website such as
mangafox :
mangahere :
Enjoy 🙂


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