Another Great Batman Movies

Batman movies that appear recently always have really good plot. Dark Knight for example, i still remember that time when i was preparing for leaving the chair in cinema, while the movie suddenly displayed another great scene. Good plot, is one reason why people loves these movies. But not only its good plot, most of batman movies involves critics to government. It describes the situation when crime happens everywhere and criminal organization has greater power that government, creating insecure and dangerous environment in Gotham city. This situation drives bruce wayne to rise as a batman, beside his own motivation to take a revenge. Further, these movies tells us about choice, that each choice means consequence, that sometime you have to sacrifice part of your life to get another part of life you want.

I always like superhero movies, movie version of marvel and DC comics is always great :), but batman movies offers you more. After i wait for so long for another batman movies to appear, finally it comes up. It is animation movies from the comic version. The movie title is Batman The Dark Knight returns.

Batman The Dark Knight returns is divided into two parts.
Part 1 tells us about batman profile in his old age (55) and his effort to erase a new criminal in Gotham City.
Part 2 tells us his final fight with Joker and really cool fight with Superman.

I recommend this to you because I think, It is the best batman animation movies so far :). Almost all reviewers in imdb write that this movie is really good. You can first check the review to get a glimpse of this movie, to decide whether you want to download and watch it or not. If you happen to enjoy this movie you can thank me for telling you about this movie :D.

Batman The Dark Knight Returns part 1
Batman The Dark Knight Returns part 1

Batman The Dark Knight Return Part 2
Batman The Dark Knight Return Part 2


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