Experience is the best teacher.. now i know how those words work, at least i know some parts of it. by experiencing something, means we have done something and got insight of what we have been doing. it also means we have learned something from it.

Yesterday I was put on situation where experience is important, for very basic need.. it is for talking or having speech with other people. it is not about our skill to have a speech in front of people (skill itself is experience), it is more about the content of speech we want to deliver.

Experience gives you a chance to tell something valuable.. Experienced people have more things to tell, they have mindset that is built by their experience, they have better respon to any topic asked to them because they have their library where they may recall their experience and relate it with condition they are facing. the result is experience based action, which has different value and weight than speculation. I am not saying that speculation doesnt work well, it just has different weight :).

so here comes the question..
How to be experienced people?

1. We can start by taking chances
Out there there are many chances that actually are available for us, but we sometime ignore it and not taking it seriosly because it seems like (just) a little chance, we re too lazy to take it. however you never know what you may get from taking those chances. maybe you should take it 🙂

2. put ourself to our limits
in every chance we get we should put ourself to our limits, so that when we finish it we know we have done our best. and we can measure really measure ourself with the result, this measurement will be good for improving ourself.

3. prioritize things
the art to choose what thing to prioritize becomes important when you need to choose which chance to say yes and which one to say no. sometime you need to sacrifice what you really want/enjoy to get better chance. at first it may seem hard, but in the end that better chances will be worth it. when you think you have enough time you can start and try to prioritize your actions

4. record your experience
Since every experience matters, try to write it down, or remember it on your brain, so that we can learn from it everytime we want. we can also make other people learn from our experience, by telling them our experience. if they have some problems that we ever had, it may help them solve their problems.

I write those four points based on my experience in a condition when people expect me to make a decision or when i need to make decision for myself, something I have experienced before help me a lot to give me choices with measurable outcomes. there, i realize that experience is the best teacher. I want to write my history by having “remarkable experience” in my life. Experience that can help me and other people solve problems, experience that can motivate myself and other to be better person, experience that can inspire others.



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