Spiderman, The Amazing Spider-Man (Short Review)

Last night i watched spiderman with some of KPRG friends. It costed 35.000 rupiah for each of us, apparently the price for newly released films cost 10.000 more than the ordinary/old one. But its fine, because we got good one, it was worth it :).

This film told us about “young” spiderman. It illustrated peter parker’s life before he met mary jane. Here you will get explanation about how peter parker got his power (in different version than Spiderman 1,2,3), how he lost his uncle, how he created his first inhuman enemy, and about his love story with gwen stacy*, his beautiful and brilliant classmate.

This film illustrated it well with a nice plot and ending. I think most of the viewers will feel satisfied after watching this film. Despite of some rather-non-sense settings (time vs technology**), this film is nice, there were funny, tense, sad, and happy scenes that were combined well.  this film also offers us nice music and graphic, Spiderman looked really cool here :D.

I wont write about how the film goes though, but here i will write some good messages I got from this film.

1. Sometime what comes to us is not about our choice, but responsibility for what we have.

2. For each promise we made, we have to make it true.

3. Keep in touch with anyone you love, take care of them.

4. Technology may bring us goodness but it can also cause the contrary.

Well, those are some points I got from watching this film :), you may get your own lesson. I recommend you to watch this film if you are fans of superhero films, especially spiderman. And Oh yah, don’t just move from your seat when the credits appear, cost there will be short spoiler right after the main credits. Happy watching.

* emma stone looked really beautiful here, whooaah.

** i just can’t accept why peter parker (still) used old camera where there were hologram, computer, and high-end smartphones being used by the actors inside the film. Beside that, there was newspaper which is printed in black and white and designed to look old when at the same time there was internet with Bing search engine.

*** I love emma stone’s smile in the end of this film, andrew garfield did a good job too as spiderman.


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