Wisnite HME

Wisnite HME is an event held by HME to congratulate seniors on their graduation day. This event is held 3 times a year, April, Juli, and October. Every member of HME is invited here, including some lecturers and senior’s parents. Each senior sit on a table with their parents or family. Dinner and drink are served for them. While they are having their dinner, Junior members presents them music and awards. There is a registration form to fill some days before wisnite. Anyone, as long as there is still time, may perform any kind of action or performance. Band, Solo, and Acapella are usually performed by the juniors though.  Sometimes seniors present their performance to the audience.

After the dinner there will be the main event. This is when senior say thank to their parents, lecturers, friends, and any other person that may contribute to his success. There, mostly on the main event, you can see some seniors cry and see their parents smile, some of them also let their tears fall. Beautiful moment if i may say, cos they share their happiness with us, they also give us motivation, that next time we will be the one who stands there, bringing our parents and share our happiness with our juniors.

Now after the graduation, bigger responsibilities are waiting for them, for us next time. May God bless every wisudawan and guide them to serve the best for other. Hopefully we all can give our best as engineer for other.

Congratulation Wisudawan 😀



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