What am i feeling right now

its tuesday evening now, 7.45 pm exactly and im feeling really weird. why?

i woke up at 6.45 pm just now, but as u know in a handphone which has been configured with pm am format, first time u see the time there u will find no difference between morning and evening. i suddenly woke up from my long sleep (thats what felt) and went to the toilet for doing our habit, throwing out all the toxic as the result of our metabolism. i didnt take a bath though because it was exacty 6.50 and i was afraid i would come late to Instrumentasi Sistem Kendali class, thats way i choose to cleaned my face with biore and brushed my teeth. I was deciding what to wear when i realized that my small ventilation showing me black colour, Hey its dark!!, and i made sure that it was night once again by going to the balcon.. and ofcourse its dark because its 6.50 pm.. -___-

till now im still feeling very confused, maybe thats way our parents keep forbidding us from evening sleep. x___x
now im still feeling confused and hungry..
i wonder if i unconsciously walk to the campus just now.. haha


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