well, lot of things happened.  homeworks.. exams.. courses.. organization task.. im 20 years old and i havent mastered yet in time management.. everyday seems a  challenge.. a lot of books waiting.. my pencil dan pen aslo waiting.. there is still many empty pages in my binder.. loose leaf papers r waiting.. and my mind waiting..

i m someone who dont like waiting actually, and i can t understand either why i always wait to do someting untill its deadline. i cant avoid it, maybe since my fisrt grade in junior high school. and now it becomes a wide path in my brain, my brain usually do it, it remembers how good to do it, and it makes my brain force me to do it anytime. wait.

things r going crazy when u have million tasks but u only have one deadline. suddenly u feel like all of those taks burys u alive. its also like a strong wall that unexpectedly comes up, surrounds u. u want to make a move but u cant because the wall keeps u there. arrgh. it feels really bed. maybe some of u recognize this feeling well.

one day in “Digital Signal Processing” Classroom, i heard many peoples laughing.. i suddenly woke up.. haah, its always like this every time Mr. Armein, the lecturer started to make a joke. i tried to bring my consciousness back. That time Mr. Armein then ask us a question, its a simple question, like a question that usually appear from children curiosity. “Every people can always move forward and grow, except they who have bad habit”.. That statement slaps me  hard.. then he asked the question.. “Do you know how to handle it?”.. nobody answered.. and then he started to explain the statement.

“Bad habit cant be deleted. imagine if there is a turf that have never been crossed before, then u come there, u make a crossing.. and imagine u walk in your crossing.. time over time.. it will become a path that leads you to always walk there since its now becoming a way..”

“The thing u can do after u realize that the path was a bed path or a bed way.. is to make another path, make a new best path, so that every time u want to walk through the turf u will remember that u have a best path that will guided u through better, fast, or safe way. That path will become your way since then..”

Nothing can i say..

I just need to make a new good habit from now on..

Ill make my “Start Early” path.

Sure, i have to make it real.


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