My Hobby

One of my hobby is singing. I still remember when i was a child, i used to imitate people’s talk or their voices and also their song. I like to sing in my bath room, and make every morning in my house like a concert, haha, i close my eyes and imagine. i’m standing in front of many people, holding my microphone, and begin to sing. Every song i sing always welcome by big applause and voices. Wonderful, and suddenly after i open my eyes, there are always walls, towel, and other bathroom stuffs
but however i like to do it,
i’m 20 now and i still love doing it.. although from now, it becomes little bit hard for me to keep singing loudly because thera many other college students in my kos-kosan that can easily be provoked by voice, i’m not sure with things they’ll do if hear this “unreliable” voice every morning haha. so i keep my voice quite when i take a bath and now i like to record it with my handphone to keep it. i’ll show to my children that their father is good singer :D.
the development of internet also helps me well to keep my voices file safe, i now can upload it in facebook, or youtube. so that it can still be there for a long time :). it also makes my friends can easily access it.
here is some examples of my singing :

thera also some videos in my facebook account, please enjoy 😀


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