marhaban ya ramadhan

alhamdulillah, the greatest thank to Allah for giving us such a big chance, Ramadhan. a moment of forgiveness. a month where each our prayer value are multiplied, where life begins earlier and prayers are said, sent to heaven. a moment where the mosque becomes crowded, full of  fathers and sons who learn better how to worship the God. a moment where each our suffering is valued. where we learn to understand hunger.. something that used to be felt by some people outside there. where we learn how to share. where we’ll be given happiness in the end. where our sins washed.. some of them cleaned up. moment where parents and children usually meet, it’s usually a wonderful reunion.

Marhaban ya Ramadhan..
Lets do our best to serve the God here..
Lets try to prove our better commitment..
Lets get all its many beautiful gifts..
Lets welcome the idul fitri..
pantai.. sejuk dan indah.. seperti ramadhan..

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