Ubuntu the unix-like?

Understanding unix-like operating system has became one of my task this year. Its because the demand from my Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa in kampus. Comlabs wants to extend the use of opensource software in its infrastructures, so that we as the member should support it, at least by learning it first and trying to use it after that. I began to think how to start it, since untill now, Windows Environment has provided me all the things i need as computer common user. All the application i use to play the music, watch movie, send email, do writing task, browse the internet, etc., is built in windows platform. I dont even recognize what is unix before i went here to ITB. the thing i know about it was that if  we work with unix operating system, it will be like working on your windows command prompt window. U will meet only one black screen, with an access to write some commands in white color format alphabet, and for me it looks scary. as scary as my pre-beginner Pascal class. 😀

Well, i choose ubuntu as my first unix-like “opensource” operating system, with one simple reason. many people said that its easy to use :), to begin using it i use the virtual box to deploy the operating system in order to keep my harddisk and windows file safe. virtual box helps us to create virtual harddisk in our windows operating system, which we could threat it like having a new single computer inside our computer. so far the installation using virtual box doesnt cause any problem. Everything went right after installation proccess except that i realize i dont know anything to do after it. so i just spend some minutes after that, looking the desktop background of my new-unix-like OS. Ubuntu jaunty.

ubuntu 9.04


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