train and holiday

Monday evening, my brain is full of scramble things.. everything’s like turning around.. swing here and there.. from my plan to spend my holiday in my home town to my responsibilities in my unit and himpunan in campus. it makes me confused.. both of them are my priorities., i want to go home because this holiday is the last holiday i will spend before my brother go to higher grade, he will enter his first day as college student. i want to spend my time with all members of my family.. i wanna have laughing time together with them, breakfast, launch, and dinner with them. i wanna play hide and seek with my little sister, badminton or one-on-one basketball play with my brother, private driving course with my father, and have some life conversation with my mother. i think i miss moments where we spent our nights together in our home.

in the other side, phase of life i am living now wants me to stay here.. in Bandung. a place where i continue my study. its about 7 or 8 hours business class train’s travel time or about 10 hours of economy class.. it will spend total of 3/4 days trip to go and back there. beside the “long” time it takes to get there there is also financial consideration why i couldn’t go back easily. it will cost about Rp 200.000 for each my comfortable trip. its quite expensive for me. actually by using economy class train i can save at least Rp 160.000, but it usually becomes uncomfortable trip, really uncomfortable trip sometimes. for example, in my recent vacation using the economy class train, my late arrival caused problem. i couldn’t get any empty seat. all the seats have been taken. and i must sit in the train’s floor in front of the train’s toilet. :(. at first, because it was just cleaned before the train began to travel, it’s fine to sit there, it smelled good.. but it became a disaster when an old man came as the fourth person using the toilet. i wasn’t sure. maybe he forgot to take it a water to clean what he had done. i just can make sure that suddenly that area smelled amazingly awful. it smelled really bad. hwahh 4 hours after that incident happened i felt i was traveling bandung-purworejo using train’s toilet. Damn…

that is just one bad thing, at least there is still fresh-toilet-air for breathing.. and still enough space to sit., in my previous trip i couldn’t even find any space to sit, i have to spend 10 hours of my trip by doing space-to-sit switching game with my friend. hha

ya.. that was a wonderful experience.,
now i still want to come home.. i miss them.. my family.. i also want to go to jogja to visit my friends and going around with them. i guess i have to arrange good schedule to make some free-time. i also need to make sure i have internet connection to keep in touch with my workings. hope i can do both visiting my home and doing my tasks.

oke, i guess i have to arrive at the station and buy economy class ticket earlier, hope i still get a seat or some free spaces. hha

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