Up In The Air

Sunday Evening, when i woke up from my 3-hours-sleep after visiting my senior marriage party, i started to think what i will do. Its an activity that i usually do, lately actually, think about what i will do and make some plans, im not used to do it. i can be catagorized as spontaneous and little bit lazy person, even just to think about a life plan. back to the story.. after ten minutes thinking, i decided to kill this evening time by watching movie before world cup match. there are some movies i have in my hardisk, many of them are new movies, some of them are animation movies, some other are action movies, and the other are drama. I just have one triller or horror movie becouse im not brave enough to watch it, haha. i like watch good quality movie, movie with great imagination, movie with unpredictable plot, movie that can touch your heart, movie that reflect our way to live, or movie that can give us a lesson. i like to find the resume or sinopsis of the movie before i watch it. it will help me to choose right film, i will download only the film i really want to watch.

Up In the Air is a good film i say. It tells u a story about a man, his job is to hire people, he loves traveling by plane as its a part of his job, he never married as he say, he loves talking about life as a backpack. the movie tells u about his life, how he does his job. in this part this film gives us a picture of real life, where theres a good thing like get promoted, or bad thing, that is when your company find its difficult to mantain their good financial condition, there is always an option to reduce the staff.. or to hire some people. it becomes company problem since hiring people is not an easy job, especially to hire a man with good dedication, who think that they have great loyalty. the main problem is what they will do when poeple get fired. Most of them came up with refusal and talk about the way they will kill themself. or even worse, they ll aslo do something bad to the people who hire them.

the man comes from a company who sells the service.  by this service the company which has to reduce their staff due to crisis doesnt need to face the people they want to hire. the service is to serve good men to handle the situation, face that staffs, and hire them. man who can make the client calm by his public speaking,  advice,  ability to offer packets of new jobs and skill of consulting. he is there to make the the clients do not do something bad to himself and others. he always do his job nicely and great.

someday he met wonderful woman in his rest time, this woman seems have similiarities with him in the way she did her job. they seems have same way in thinking, they’re smart and adorable. this part tells us about their love story. how they arrange their busy time and make a schedule to meet when they have activity in same or at least in a near place. it also tells us how the man finally fall in love with this women after solving his sister’s marriage problem.

thera some good sentences or qoutes we can get from this film as a lesson.

first is the fact that “we live as a shark”, ( ull understand if u watch the film 🙂 )

second is a sentence that comes from the man (george clooney=brother) in his sisters marriage, there he found that the groom was feeling unwell about his decision. the groom was thinking how the marriage will affect his life, and he find nothing, he found that he will just die alone when he become an old man.. then George Clooney say
“if you think about it, your favorite memories, the most important moments in your life, were you alone?”

“.. life is better with company.. ”

i think u can guess what happen after that.. yap, the groom understood and decided to do the ceremony.

thinking about his own words George Clooney suddenly thought of the women he fell in love with. He wanted to meet her and expressed his love, he want to cured his loneliness too. He made it at night, come to her house and knocked at the door. then the door opened.. she came up,  but so sad.. there were kids running inside the house.. and a voice of man was also there.. she is married..

from this part i can learn that actually we need someone to share with.. and we should make the real world we live in with that.. with bond of affection and care.. since every single human needs it..

there is also a big dream that we shoud achieve and always keep focus on..

last.. existence is important 🙂

up in the air


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