In English Please

It’s been a long time since i wrote in english. I’m not sure but maybe it was  in my third year of Senior High Shcool. now im an undergraduate student of electrical engineering in BIT, Bandung Institute of Technology, im in my third grade when i write this. I almost forget how to use english in writing and speaking because i rarely use it, and its become embarassing when i read my junior’s (of SSH) blog, which has all his articles written in english. I laughed that time and realized that i ever imagine how i will be in when im older. In my imagination everything was so great, fluent english, english writings in newspapers, even i imagine myself make a song in english and become famous after then. but now, in my third grade i find it hard just to talk and write, all i still can do well is to read. Fortunetely i still wana make my imagination comes real, i have about two years from now to make it real. ideal bachelor with great capability in my major and good english to fulfil globalization needs. Nah this media will become a tool for me to learn and study again, how to express something in my mind in a good writings. The other tool will be my friends hhe, ill do english-conversation-experiment with them.

🙂 im sorry if u find many mistakes of english grammar here. im newbie who always study.

nb: i spent almost 30minutes just to write this,,, woh God.. help me..


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